5 to 8 July

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One year ago, faced with unprecedented challenges, we gathered online for the first eConference Sport and Mobility in our history. One of the lessons we drew from it was that despite the geographical distance and the complex context, the FIA family is capable of great resilience and solidarity.

In just a few weeks time, we will come together again in Monaco - from 5 to 8 July. Member Clubs’ Presidents, senior executives representing our affiliated organisations, as well as global leaders and experts will join forces to take stock of the recent achievements and prepare the future.

It will open with a purpose-driven session. At this time of great challenge, our community has reaffirmed its will to increase the positive contribution of motor sport and mobility to society by launching the Purpose Driven movement. The crisis has definitively acted as an accelerator and this session will be the moment to share examples of initiatives and projects.

Among other things, the Sport sessions will explore the economic and social impact of our sport, as well as the place of women in our disciplines. Also, the discussion will demonstrate with tangible examples how motor sport has no barriers or limits to participation.

Mobility sessions will address how to foster business diversification and innovation in Mobility Clubs and how to remove barriers to tourism development.

Finally, during joint sessions we will discuss the future of powertrain technologies, Vision Zero and the Youth’s engagement in tackling the road safety challenge.

I hope you will be able to attend and participate as actively as possible. The Conference agenda includes a wide range of plenary sessions, panel discussions and workshops that have been tailored to match your interests. Sharing is key to success. All FIA members will grow and develop through collaboration.

I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Monaco, in person or digitally. In the meanwhile, stay safe.

Yours sincerely,

Jean Todt
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Dear Presidents, dear Sport Delegates, dear Colleagues,

For more than a year, the health crisis that the world has faced has affected every region, and has impacted our daily lives and the functioning of our Federation and its Members, sometimes even threatening them, but it has also given us the opportunity to re-assess our priorities and appreciate what is relevant.

Our community has responded well, and the launch at our eConference in June 2020 of the #PurposeDriven movement underlined the FIA’s robust position, and provided a clear sense of direction to pursue our important goals.

However, the FIA cannot tackle these challenges alone. We depend on our network of resilient and resourceful clubs to meet our objectives. It is “together” that we will emerge sturdier and better prepared to continue to develop motor sport in a society that is questioning core priorities.

It is for this reason that we implemented a Solidarity Programme to support you during this difficult period. And as the health crisis is ongoing, we are continuing to support you through this initiative in 2021.

This FIA Conference gives us the chance to go further and look at how the FIA and its affiliated Clubs deployed the #PurposeDriven concept together. In the context of safety, diversity and inclusion, as well as sustainable development and in order to strengthen our community ties, what answers do we provide, and how do we see ourselves navigating these issues in the future?

As you can see, we will address all these topics during a series of thought-provoking sessions at this year’s Conference. We will do so together, either in person for those who are able to travel to Monaco or online, as we have become accustomed to doing since the beginning of this pandemic.

A number of key speakers will share their views and opinions with us, and we will encourage interaction so that we can all emerge from these discussions stronger than ever.

I look forward to seeing many of you in July for the FIA Conference, and in the meantime, I urge you to please register.


Graham Stoker
FIA Deputy President for Sport

Dear Mobility Delegates,

This past year was a challenging one for all Members and we had to be strong together in the face of adversity.

Many lessons were learnt as we connected differently, building relationships rife with each person’s unique experiences, making us all more human as we got a glimpse into each other’s homes, reminding us that the FIA Family is about people.

This unique window into our own lives gave us the opportunity to see how the pandemic played out in very different ways as we were able to show greater compassion, working patiently together and utilising the strengths and resources available for the greater good.

In a shifting world faced with major challenges, we now need to go further to inspire lasting positive change, rely on creative businesses to find opportunities as we continue building a resilient economy, and embrace and appreciate our differences, whatever disruption the future holds.

Following last’s year first eConference, Sport and Mobility will come together again and deliver a remarkable programme focused on the special needs of FIA Clubs around the trending topics of mobility, advocacy, and relaunching tourism activities.

Through its theme ‘Purpose Driven, Together’, the FIA Conference 2021 will be a key opportunity to strengthen our network with Member Clubs, while offering new perspectives on how we can join forces, unite and multiply initiatives in the realms of health and safety, environment, gender equality, diversity, inclusion and community development.

I am looking forward to meeting you in Monaco or seeing you online during the Conference.

Best Regards,

Thierry Willemarck
FIA Deputy President for Automobile Mobility and Tourism